A scene played out on the streets of NY

NY Model

We were sitting having more coffee and brownies in yet another cafe and this small piece of theatre unfolded behind me. I know people describe some photo’s as being ‘shot from the hip’ but not sure if my old iPhone upside down and by my left leg’s the same thing?  Still, whatever it takes.

Pocket size sketches

Strange fact no.1: When you don’t have a notebook or sketchbook on you, there’s loads of stuff you want to note or sketch.

Strange Fact no.2: When you have a sketchbook or notebook on you all the time, there’s nothing that induces you to note or sketch.

The boat is a traditional ‘Oruwa’ Sri Lankan fishing boat. the section attached to the main body, sort of a catamaran, (Outrigger!), is always kept on the windward side, just so we’re clear on that.

Tea plantation workers plodding up a track.

The heron sketch is in fact an Egret. Even a drawing that is not much more than 150mm in height gives no sense of how big it is. In fact they’re quite small and love sitting on water buffalo.

Sri Lanka

IMG_1587BWEye and camera. I love the simplicity of my old Iphone. I got this from a swerving tuk-tuk as we left Kandy in Sri Lanka. That moment when an image is what you hoped it would be always excites me.